Sipcam Benelux is part of the SIPCAM-OXON group.

SIPCAM-OXON is an Italian multinational company, private and independent, specialized in the production, marketing and sales of plant protection products and chemical intermediates.

Over the years the Group has developed a company spirit where certain features typical of larger-size companies are combined with the dynamism, flexibility and creativity peculiar to a smaller company.

SIPCAM Benelux was founded in 2012, with headquarters in Brussels. It is the youngest subsidiary of the group inheriting the business set up by Italy with national distributors.

The introduction of important new products developed for Central and Northern Europe and the presence of a technical and commercial team has resulted in an important growth of sales.

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Two Italian families established SIPCAM S.p.A. to satisfy the increasing demand for Agrochemicals in the Italian market.

Establishment of OXON Italia S.p.A. to efficiently integrate SIPCAM’s activities with in-house developed chemical synthesis of Agrochemicals and to develop high technology business in the field of chemical intermediates.

Expansion across Europe in Spain, France, UK and Portugal through the establishment or acquisition of local companies.

The international expansion process continues through the start-up of new companies in Brazil and in the United States of America.

Vischim - a joint venture with Caffaro - is established to market a fungicide worldwide.

Acquisition of a minority participation in Isagro S.p.A.

Establishment of Agroqualità in Italy, focused on development and marketing of innovative patented fertilizers.

Establishment of Sipcam Pacific in Australia to market agrochemicals in Australia and New Zealand.

Acquisition of a stake in Serbios s.r.l., an Italian company dedicated to develop and marketing of biological crop protection products.

Establishment of Skyanide Chemicals in Germany, devoted to the marketing of fine chemicals.
Acquisition of a shareholding in Ital-Agro s.r.l., an Italian company dedicated to develop and market agrochemicals and fertilizers in the Home & Garden segment.

Establishment of Sipcam Hellas to market agrochemicals and fertilizers in Greece.

Establishment of Agroqualità subsidiaries in Spain and France.

Establishment of Oxem S.p.A. in Italy devoted ti Biodiesel production.

Establishment of Biosviluppo s.r.l. in Italy devoted to energy production from Biomasses.
Oxon establishes Oxon Asia srl to develop production activities in China.
Sipcam Pacific acquires in Australia all the assets of Summit Agro Australia from Sumitomo Corporation. Sumitomo Corporation and Nihon Nohyaku take minority shareholdings participations in Sipcam Pacific.

Increase of the stake in Vischim to 100%.
Increase of the stake in Advan LLC to 100%.

Establishment of Sipcam Agro China as a new distribution activities in China.

Take of minority shares in Bailly, a Chinese company devoted to manufacturing of agrochemicals active ingredients and chemical intermediates.

Acquisition of a seed production site (Monsanto) in Lodi, Italy.

Establishment of Sipcam Benelux to market agrochemicals in Belgium and Netherland.
Sipcam established an holding Company, Sipcam Europe S.p.A. for the purpose of marketing, distribution and development of agrochemicals, specialty fertilizers and seeds covering Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UK and Benelux.
A letter of intent (LOI) between Sumitomo Corporation and Sipcam S.p.A. has been signed in June with the aim to create a common platform for the development, marketing and distribution of agricultural chemical products throughout Europe.
UPL enter the capital share of Sipcam Agro Brasil by 50%; SIPCAM UPL BRASIL has been established

Sipcam S.p.A.( = Sipcam), Nihon Nohyaku Co., Ltd.( = NNC) and Sumitomo Corporation’s subsidiary, Sumi Agro Europe Ltd.( = SAE) concluded agreements on March 26, 2012 to enter a New Strategic Alliance in Europe:
Sipcam S.p.A. has acquired a minority stake into the holding named Sumi Agro Limited that cover Sumi Agro operations in France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic/Slovakia Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany.
Sumi Agro and Nihon Nohyaku have acquired minority stakes in Sipcam Europe S.p.A.